White Collar Criminal Defense

As a former federal prosecutor, John McDermott is aware of the interplay between agents and prosecutors and the factors which motivate each group in the performance of their respective jobs. John uses this knowledge to his clients’ advantage the onset of an investigation or, if necessary, through indictment and trial. Typically, John McDermott’s trial experience exceeds that of his opponents. The goals in this area are simply stated:

  • Avoid or minimalize publicity associated with the investigation;

  • Avoid criminal charges if at all possible;

  • Obtain a realistic assessment of the government’s intention and the strength of its case;

  • Communicate with the client on a regular basis;

  • Reach an informed decision of what is best for the client in each individual case.

There is an immense advantage for a client to consult with legal counsel at an early stage in a criminal investigation. Many persons who interact with law enforcement personnel on their own do so at their peril. Their statements can become construed by law enforcement agents as impeding their investigation or as obstruction of justice.

When more than one government entity becomes interested in a client’s conduct, it creates the challenge of multiple defenses in what has become known as “parallel proceedings.” A single grand jury investigation can be complicated by administrative investigations by regulatory agencies or Congressional committees. These cases require skillful representation by only the most experienced legal counsel. Fortunately for his clients, John has years of experience representing persons and corporations facing these very difficult situations:

Bid Rigging

Health Care Fraud & Abuse

Congressional Investigations

Price Fixing

Illegal Gratuities

Government Contracting Fraud


Tax Fraud


It is a far better course to consult with experienced counsel early (at little or no cost) to avoid self-inflicted missteps later.

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