Trade Associations / Not For Profit Organizations

John McDermott has provided legal counsel to a number of trade associations.
Representation of these organizations requires a skill set similar to that required for counseling businesses in the private for profit sector. Certain issues are common to all of these entities:

► Employment Issues

► Antitrust

► Corporate Governance

► Real Estate and Equipment Leasing

► Contract reviews for vendors

► Collections

► Intellectual Property


Advising Trade Associations and Not For Profit Organizations presents unique challenges in areas such as limitations of political activity, taxation and negotiation of contracts for meeting sites and trade shows. John McDermott is a member of the American Society for Association Executives and keeps abreast of legal developments in this area to better serve his clients.

This practice area involves providing advice to volunteer leadership of the organization (which often changes annually), the paid professional staff, and important vendor members. The client organization is the synthesis of all of these groups.

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